Hiring Experienced REALTORS®

Lone Star Luxury is looking for experienced Texas REALTORS® who are ready to find a brokerage they can call home. We believe that the best opportunities are manifested by top talent; and our growth strategy is completely centered on working with only a few of the best people in the real estate industry.

R e c r u i t   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t,  R a i s e   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t,
R e s p e c t   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t,   R e t a i n   t h e   r i g h t   t a l e n t.

Texas real estate brokerage
TOP 10 Reasons to make the switch to Lone Star Luxury

  1. Our Name “Lone Star Luxury” Attracts high-end clientele and keeps the rest feeling fortunate to work with a high-end focused brokerage. Texans and people moving to Texas LOVE the name Lone Star Luxury, and popular branding works small miracles for your real estate business. We also have many beautiful real estate websites online, and also have among many other lead capture websites.
  2. Your Money If you’re an experienced agent/broker here, than we are going to make sure your compensation reflects it. Our office runs efficiently with very low overhead, less corporate red tape, no office drama nor overcrowded in-house competition; which allows for very agent favorable commission plans which allows our agents to negotiate their own commissions and the freedom to make more money.
  3. Transaction ease We run a green back office called the “iOffice”. We started our systems paperless, organized, clean, simple and efficient.
  4. Disbursement Authorization Get paid directly from your real estate sales with with ease. You fill out a DA (Disbursement Authorization) form, we sign off on it and forward it to the title company so you can receive you check directly from your closing office.
  5. Your Career We’ve all started somewhere and gained experience and knowledge on the way.  Lone Star Luxury is a platform which will allow you to reach your real estate goals and never worry about shopping for another brokerage again.
  6. Your Need for Change You need fresh direction, a business face lift, new inspiration, and more paychecks! For the right agents we have the solutions you seek.
  7. Our Team Our graphic designer will make you fantastic new business cards, different online ads that you can use on any website. We have experienced, friendly agents that will work together with you if you need to delegate paying work out. You can work other’s leads and also earn 25% handing leads to others which you don’t want to work.
  8. Boutique Brokerage Boutique Brokerage is our goal and ceiling, we are not a big box brokerage, like the blue, red and yellow Brokerages. In fact big box brokerages consider boutique brokerages as their biggest competitions. The public is attracted to the local touch and niche specialties of a boutique brokerage.
  9. Resources an ioffice packed with educational articles, forms, videos, seminars, contracts, coaching, advertising… support from established industry contacts along with a open door policy with the Broker.
  10. Your Change Over Process- Is made simple and easy with a simple set up process with our brokerage, TREC, and the local Boards; so that you can keep your concentration on real estate deals. We’ll get you set up with cards, signs, ads, ioffice and some direction.

If you are the right talent, we’ll make sure joining Lone Star Luxury makes the most financial sense for you.
Email us a little bit about yourself, and attach your Resume:

*Sponsorship based on availability of limited positions, an interview process, your acceptable resume, and REALTOR® licensing requirements. Only hiring in the Greater Dallas and Austin Metropolises.

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