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Submit Your New Listing

Submit your new Listing paperwork, basic marketing verbiage and pictures. This Form should be utilized ASAP after executing a listing agreement.

  • UPLOAD 1. executed listing agreement, 2. information about brokerage services(signed) 3. any other real estate paperwork related to this real estate transaction..
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 128 MB.
    • If your pictures are not ready yet you may email them when they are ready: We require all our agents to utilize our professional photographer for any listing, exceptions can be made if you are a great photographer and want to do them yourself. We will set up a property profile on our website for you, so we need pictures ASAP.
      Drop files here or
      Max. file size: 128 MB.
      • Help us help you market this property, write highlights about this listing: views? cul de sac? green belt? pool? amenities, yard size? construction highlights? etc.

      …Don’t Forget these 9 points…

      1. Do NOT ever start marketing any real estate in any way unless you have an executed Listing Agreement with the owner(s) to do so.

      2. Professional grade photography is our Company Policy! Pictures are the most important for real estate marketing. Hire a photographer, it’s required. Prices typically range from $75-$250. See Photographers here. (exceptions for using pro photographer: tear-down or properties needing complete remodels)

      3. For Listings provide: Listing AgreementSeller’s Disclosure, Information About Broker Disclosures, Available Survey and T-47, and any other appropriate paperwork.

      4. Market as much as possible before you hit the MLS, you have a much better chance finding an unrepresented buyer if you aggressively market before the MLS.

      5. Contact Broker right away if it looks like Intermediary Relationships is needed. Remember you can just represent your Seller and the Buyer does not need a buyer’s agent if they don’t want one. Learn about Intermediary Relationships here.
        ~FAQs by TREC
        ~From the Legal Hotline: How to Establish an Intermediary Relationship
        ~From the Legal Hotline: The Proper Way to Establish an Intermediary Relationship
        ~From the Legal Hotline: Intermediary

      6. Majority of the work on a listing is done up front. Tell your client the importance of having every thing ready, including the cleaning, hiding clutter and personal items, finishing any unfinished projects. You need the home ready asap for taking professional pictures before going live on the MLS.

      7. Get a spare key to all locks necessary and discuss showing instructions with them, consider their pets, kids, security systems, jewelry, etc. Let them know having easy and simple showing instructions is better for everyone.

      8. Only Approved Broker Yard Signs are permitted on listings. Please talk with us if you do not have a sign and we will provide you one. Your direct phone # should be the sign or on the sign rider‘.  (You can custom order a sign with your contact info, contact the Broker to get custom signs)

      9. For Open Houses only use the black and white directional signs, they are sold most anywhere open house signs are sold. Also Safety first! Read our Company Policy about safety and security measures at open houses.

      Any other questions about listing real estate call the Broker.


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